Hogan’s is proudly a Western Australian owned and operated business

Why order online?

Online ordering provides the opportunity for our loyal Hogan’s Chilli Sauce® customers to purchase our products directly from us with a click of a button anywhere around Australia! Our products can be purchased at $6 – 6.50per jar which is extremely high value. Hogan’s have maintained premium quality and value for money for over 30 years using recipes from all over Asia and is completely Australian made and owned. All our products are 100% colouring, flavouring and preservative free but still have a long shelf life.

What products can I order?

You can purchase any arrangement of Hogan’s Chilli Sauce® products in packs of 6. Many of our online customers have split the purchase with friends and family proving how affordable and cost effective the purchase really is.

What are the most popular items?

Hogan’s Laksa, Thai Green Curry, Mild Rendang and Roasted Chilli Sambal are our highest selling products.

What are the postage and handling fees?

P+H fees are approximately $19 for 1 x 6 pack for eastern states orders and $16 for Perth Metro area. No profit is made from the fee  – it covers the cost of the Australia Post fee and packaging costs.

Where is the package delivered?

Directly to your door all around Australia! The package is sent through Australia Post.

How can I order?

Click on the tab above titled “Online Orders” to select your desired products and how many packs your would like. We will send you an email ASAP confirming your order and will provide payment details.

I live overseas, can I order Hogans products?

We have previously sent orders to our passionate Hogans lovers from around the world including America, Japan, and the United Kingdom. If you live overseas and want to order Hogans products please go to the “Contact us” tab and provide your postal address details.